Review of ‘The Giant Gila Monster’


I chose this episode to review because I am biased and would call it my favorite episode. This movie is full of perfect set-ups, and for once it was as if the writers of MST3K knew me personally and wrote this show catered to my tastes. This is not to say that no one else likes it— I’m pretty sure it’s one of everyone’s favorites. There’re just too many hilarious jokes. Here is the movie and some of my favorite quotes from it.

“He was uh… dead. Guess that’s what caused it all.” (3:40)

“I’m your boyfriend now! bluhbluhbluhbluh” (39:13)


Enough gushing (though I could continue). 

This episode encapsulates everything I love about the show, from its campy, not-so-great acting, to the constant stream of references, jokes and insane characters as well as the film’s poor quality. The scene where the characters describe their favorite types of drunks is one of the best dark humor moments of the show in my opinion, and showcases the unique blend of referencing, physical/verbal comedy and low-key production methods. This episode simply gets an A (or if you’re Evan, a Peabody) in my book. 

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment if you agree, disagree or have any thoughts regarding the episode! And as always, thank you for reading!


One response to “Review of ‘The Giant Gila Monster’”

  1. bradgerke says :

    I feel like MST3K is revered by many for the qualities you discuss. The dark humor and the intentionally poor quality of the films really set the show apart. I haven’t watched much of the show, but I need to so I can have a better grasp on why the show is so loved.

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